Deerhaus Decor

Owners Ben and Sonja waiting for the streetcar outside the shop.


When I was a child I learned to play with nature. The ants in my driveway were my playmates, our family dog was my brother, and our bunny my sister. The garden was my kingdom and the bees were my knights. The bushes created my castle and the flowers were my fellow subjects. My world was full of imagination, creativity, and nature. Now as a designer I strive to achieve these qualities in my work. 

I have a passion for entrepreneurship and sustainability but I am also a multi-tasking design professional and enthusiast that hustles to twist, tweak, and skillfully accomplish with supreme expertise …design magic! I am passionate about combining nature and sustainability into my work. Feel free to take a look at my website and send me a message if anything catches your eye. I do what I do because I simply love it and would enjoy the opportunity to share that with you!

I went to The Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD) in Columbus Ohio and graduated with a degree in interior architecture and design with an emphasis on textile/surface design. After graduation we moved back to our hometown Cincinnati, and opened the shop so that we could become a part of our beautiful growing city. We strive to bring eco-friendly home goods and lifestyle brands to the local community as well as promote our local artists, makers and designers.


My name is Benjamin Deering and I am from the Clifton Gaslight neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. I grew up with two creative entrepreneurial parents and quickly learned how rewarding it is working for yourself. Ever since I was a child, I knew that someday I wanted to be my own boss (I just never knew exactly how it would play out). However, with a recently acquired self-designed degree in entrepreneurial economics from the College of Wooster, I am now prepared and excited to launch my own venture. I have a focus in urban economics, neighborhood development, entrepreneurship, and real estate. Now that I have graduated I look forward to combining my knowledge in business/economics with my passion for supporting other small businesses and creatives. 

I am ecstatic about the recent urban revitalization in Over The Rhine. During college, I spent many holiday breaks traveling to different areas of the country to discover where I might move after school. After much searching, I continued to reconsider the Queen City where I began to see a change that solidified my decision to remain home where I was raised. As a huge advocate for public transportation, the Cincinnati streetcar has greatly influenced my choice to stay home. It has been a huge catalyst for urban renewal and I cannot wait to apply my skills and determination to contribute to the further development of our beautiful city. 

Having worked for my family’s real estate business Deering Properties for many years, I have experience with project management and the renovation/rehabilitation of architecturally unique buildings. Apart from launching Deerhaus Decor alongside Sonja Thams, I hope to help restore the historical charm of our Cincinnati’s Over The Rhine neighborhood through future restorations of the surrounding area.

DEERHAUS DECOR is Sonja Thams & Benjamin Deering