Deerhaus Decor

Deerhaus Decor is a transparent eco-friendly boutique retailer with an emphasis on small batch manufacturing and a passion for sustainable design. An honest, informative relationship between our customers is something we believe is imperative. It is our goal to educate shoppers about who thoughtfully created the product, where the item was made, and from what materials it was manufactured. Knowing this information about a product can help customers feel more confident and proud of what they purchase. It also supports the many talented craftsmen, craftswomen, and artists throughout the United States as well as other areas of the world from our travels.

In addition, many products support our team’s excitement and belief in green/eco-friendly products. We are enthusiastic about supplying an array of goods that help take care of our beautiful planet. It is Deerhaus Decor’s goal to support one's ability to choose from a variety of products that can allow someone to live a more environmentally conscious life. This also includes informing those interested in how to make more sustainable lifestyle choices.

 Photo by Phil from Cincinnati Refined

Photo by Phil from Cincinnati Refined

Apart from supplying small batch manufactured goods, the shop also carries a variety of furniture and home decor styles that include up-cycled, industrial, antique, rustic, folk art, mid-century, Swedish/Scandinavian influenced, and modern/contemporary. We have hand selected each item with the intent of providing those shopping in the Findlay Market/Over The Rhine area with a diverse and stylish selection of unique pieces.

DEERHAUS DECOR is Sonja Thams & Benjamin Deering